This is the OFFICIAL RULEBOOK for the "Potter Dictionary Wiki". By contributing to the "Potter Dictionary Wiki" ("the site") you ("the user") agree to comply with the following rules and regulations:

  1. As these rules and regulations are official guidelines for contribution to the site, the user must accept responsibility for their account and any contributions made using said account.
  2. The site is age-friendly; the user is responsible for ensuring that their contributions do not contain mild language, coarse language, sexuality, threats or violence of any manner.
  3. The site is not a domain for fan-made ("fanon") contributions; those edits may be more welcome at the Harry Potter Fanon Wiki.
  4. External links placed on the site by the user must be accurately depicted and must relate to the topic at hand.
  5. Optimism, or at the very least insouciance, must be maintained by the user at all times while on the site.
  6. The user must uphold a neutral or introverted point of view in their contributions to informative articles; contributions to talk pages are dictated by purpose in writing.
  7. The user may not edit the user page of another user at any point in time whatsoever without the explicit, written permission of the user whose page is to be edited; this word is to be saved for record purposes.
  8. No message on the talk page of the user may be deleted at any time or for any reason, no matter what justification the user can provide; should the user feel that an exception to this rule is necessary, an administrator or bureaucrat can be sent a message on their respective talk page regarding the matter.
  9. Should the user fail to comply with the above regulations, he or she will find themselves blocked for a time deemed appropriate by the administrator or bureaucrat issuing the block. Should a user note that another user has failed to comply with the regulations above listed, they should notify an administrator or bureaucrat on said authority's talk page immediately.
  10. For more general rules and regulations, see here.