Piers Polkiss
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Piers Polkiss was the best friend of Dudley Dursley and a member of Dudley's gang[1]. Although he did not physically harm the victims of their bullying himself, he held their arms behind their backs whilst Dudley and the others hit them[1]. He, along with the rest of Dudley's gang, chased Harry Potter onto the school roofs, an act for which Harry got into terrible trouble[1].

On 24 June, 1991, Piers was invited to Dudley's eleventh birthday party, and arrived near the end of breakfast[1]. After a half hour at 4 Privet Drive, they set off for the zoo, laughing as Vernon Dursley yelled at Harry for having a dream about a flying motorbike[1]. He and Dudley were bought large chocolate ice creams and then went to look at the snakes[1]. However, when a boa constrictor escaped from its cage, Piers claimed it had tried to squeeze him to death, and then mentioned how Harry had been talking to it[1].

Physical appearanceEdit

Piers was described as a scrawny boy with a rat-like face, although as all of the members of Dudley's gang were described as being large, it is possible he was only scrawny in contrast to the others.


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