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Professor Horace Slughorn[2] was a wizard who taught Potions at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry[3]. He started the Slug Club, members of which included Dirk Cresswell and Lily Evans[2].

Physical appearanceEdit

Slughorn was often described as a fat, bald old man; certainly he was a great deal overweight[2]. He had prominent, watery, pale, gooseberry-colour eyes, no hair and a silver, walrus-like moustache[2]. In the summer of 1996, he wore silver lilac pyjamas[2]. He was a rather short man, barely coming up to the chin of Albus Dumbledore, and when he sat down his feet did not touch the floor[2].

Magical abilities and skillsEdit

  • Transfiguration: Slughorn was rather accomplished at Transfiguration, being able to transform himself into an overstuffed armchair with such skill that even Harry Potter and, initially, Albus Dumbledore believed that it was part of the devastation at his house[2].
  • Charms: He was also quite capable of charms, being able to tear a house apart and then seamlessly repair it, both nonverbally[2].


Albus DumbledoreEdit

Professor Slughorn and Professor Dumbledore were roughly the same age, being both accomplices and colleagues[2]. Although Dumbledore was at the very least polite to Slughorn, the same could not be said the other way around[2]. When Dumbledore came to the house Slughorn was hiding in, Slughorn tried desperately to rush him out, and looked crestfallen when he realised Dumbledore was only going to the bathroom rather than leaving[2].

Lily EvansEdit

Although teachers were not permitted to have favourite students, Slughorn was highly fond of Lily, claiming that she was the brightest student he'd ever had, calling her "vivacious" and "charming"[2]. He even suggested, a number of times, that she should have been in his house, Slytherin, and received quite cheeky answers from her[2].


Notes and referencesEdit

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