Cushioning Charm





The target becomes weightless[1]


Elliot Smethwyck (1820)[2]

"Harry heard the cart smash into pieces against the passage wall, heard Hermione shriek something and felt himself glide back towards the ground as though weightless, landing painlessly on the rock floor."

The Cushioning Charm (incantation unknown) is a charm that makes the target weightless; therefore, it could be used on an individual to cushion their fall, hence the spell's name[1].

Elliot Smethwyck invented this charm in 1820, and it went a very long way towards making broom-riding more comfortable[2].

Harry Potter contemplated using this on his trunk in July of 1993 after he inflated his Aunt Marge, although he decided against it after the Knight Bus picked him up[3].

Hermione Granger later performed the spell in May of 1998 on herself, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter to protect them after they fell from a cart in Gringotts Bank[1].


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